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Our Services


Downsizing, redecorating your home and moving doesn't need to be stressful.

Below you will find a list of the services A Changing Home offers.

If you have any questions regarding pricing, planning your free consultation or any further details on what we offer, please call us at 281.787.1899 or 713.829.0824!


Moving Services

❑ New Residence Floor Plan

❑ Moving Timeline

❑ Interview Movers

❑ Supervise Movers

❑ Arrange for Storage

❑ Address Change

❑ Utilities Transfer

❑ Unpacking

❑ Organize & Place Belongings 

❑ Electronic Hook-up


Estate Project Management

❑ Assisting Executors, Trustees & Beneficiaries

❑ Inventory of Assets

❑ Estate Sale Professional Referral

❑ Assistance with Final Closing of Estate 

Home Organization

❑ Sorting & Organizing

❑ Digital Inventory

❑ Document Organization

❑ Shredding 

❑ Arrange for Shipping/ Storage

❑ Donations

❑ Allocation of Possessions

❑ Item Appraisals

❑ Hazardous Waste Removal

❑ Junk Removal

Home Sale

❑ Realtor Referral

❑ Home Staging

❑ House Painting

❑ Oversee Repairs & Cleaning

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